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Helping you navigate the 2024 changes to Title IX

Tools for Parents & Citizens:

Downloadable Documents To Take Action Today:

Local Level Actions

  1. Send a letter to your school board and CC your school district superintendent and principals, strongly encouraging them to resist implementing Title IX rule changes.  

  2. Forward to school site administrators.

State Level Actions

  1. Send a letter to your state representatives, urging them to pass a Parent Bill of Rights.
  2. Cite and send the M4L letter to Governors to your governor and state attorney general.
  3. Send one of the existing state superintendent letters to your state Superintendent of Education or Education Commissioner.

Federal Level Actions

Congress has 60 days (until June 19, 2024) to mount a Congressional Review Act (CRA) challenge to the Title IX rule changes.  

  1. Review the CRA and…
  2. Send a letter to your Congressional Representatives citing this act.


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Upcoming Events:

May 6

Sarah Perry and Kim Hermann (SLF) discuss new Title IX changes with Tiffany Justice.

May 8

Title IX webinar featuring Kim Hermann (SLF) and Nate Bailey, assistant to Betsy DeVos.

(members only)

May 13

American Enterprise Institute Presents: "Combating the Biden Administration’s Title IX Regulations" by Max Eden.

May 28

Riley Gaines talks to Tiffany Justice on the Joyful Warrior Podcast.