Antisemitism in K-12

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Antisemitism in our Schools

We have all been watching with horror the escalating Anti-semitism on America’s college campuses since the October 7th attacks on Israel.  Last April and May, students at our nation’s most prestigious universities donned Palestinian keffiyeh (the black & white scarves), hung Intifada banners, defaced monuments, chanted “Death to Israel, Death to America,” harassed Jewish students and violently took over portions of college campuses.  

Did this indoctrination occur solely on college campuses or way before that point?  Please join Moms for Liberty in July 2024 as we take on the issue of Antisemitism in our Schools.  We hope you will join us for all three virtual events listed below.

Three Events in July 2024:

To Educate, Equip, and Empower Parents to Take Action on this Issue

Killing America Watch Party

Monday, July 8th, 7:30 PM EDT

Join us for an online virtual screening of “Killing America: Can Our Nation’s Schools be Saved?”(38 mins) followed by Q&A with the filmmaker, Eli Steele, and Brandy Shufutinsky of JILV.

Antisemitism in K-12 Webinar

Monday, July 22nd, 7:30 PM EDT

Join us for an hour-long online event with Laurie Cardoza-Moore of PJTN and find out exactly how long Antisemitism has been present and in what forms in our nation’s schools, red and blue states alike.

July Book Club: Woke Antisemitism

Tuesday, July 30th, 1:00 PM EDT

Grab your copy of “Woke Antisemitism: How Progressive Ideology Harms Jews” today and start reading! Then join us as we chat with author David Bernstein and take audience questions.

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Other Events:

Antisemitism, Anti-Zionism, and Racism on Campus and in Society

June 28, 2024

A Presentation by the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values (

The American Dream Lecture Series: Ruth Wisse on Antisemitism in the US

May 7, 2024

A Presentation by the American Enterprise Institute ( – Event Landing Page HERE.


Webinar: U.S. Congress takes on Antisemitism in K12 Schools

May 7, 2024

A Presentation by the CAMERA Education Institute and Jewish Institute for Liberal Values (

Catalina Stubbe

Director of Hispanic Outreach

Catalina is a successful mother of four, rooted in her love of God and family. She is always advocating for the wellbeing of children. She has been featured on Fox & Friends with Kayleigh McEnany, War Room with Steve Bannon, Linea De Fuego (Univision) and more. She is a Colombian American businesswoman, journalist, philanthropist, strategy adviser, contributor and commentator, and humble servant to the Lord.

Pat Blackburn

National Director of Chapters

Pat is a retired educator and mom. She envisions a public school system in America that is reflective of the principles of freedom granted by our Creator. “God has called me, and equipped me, to do my part in service to Him and our country.”

Rosalind Hanson

Director of Development

Rosalind is the Mom to a joyful son, and like most parents, the pandemic afforded her a peek behind the classroom door. As Moms for Liberty’s Director of Development, Rosalind ensures our donors are kept up to date on our work, which is made possible by their generous financial support and the efforts of our over 130,000 volunteer members.

Tia Bess

Director of National Engagement

Tia is a mom of three with a blended family. Bess resides with her partner on a farm in Clay County, FL. She has been a member of Moms for Liberty since March 2021 when the pandemic led her to voice concerns regarding her children’s school in her district. Bess was born in Philadelphia, PA but left for Norfolk, VA at the age of seven due to gang violence in the area. Shortly after the move to Virginia, her family moved to Jacksonville, FL where she learned that her zip code didn’t define her, a message she hopes to spread to America.