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Moms for Liberty - Sarasota County Chapter is dedicated to the survival of America by unifying, educating, and empowering parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government.

Please invite parents, grandparents, and community members that value parental rights.

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  • We hold decision-makers accountable or we work to replace them with liberty-minded individuals.
  • We spread awareness and an understanding of the limited role of government.
  • We stand together against government overreach and intimidation tactics.
  • We promote teaching the principles of liberty in our homes and community.
  • We engage our communities and elected leaders on key issues impacting our families.
  • We activate liberty-minded leaders to serve in elected positions.



Moms for Liberty-Sarasota County



State Board Of Education Issues New Rules Supporting Parental Rights

Moms for Liberty-Sarasota members attended last week’s State Board Of Education meeting in support of several new measures for implementing the new #ParentalRights legislation. Some of the rules put in place included measures for:

  • holding teachers who break the law accountable. Teachers who violate HB 1557 (which prohibits teaching gender identity to elementary students) or HB 7 (the Stop-Woke-Act that prohibits teaching CRT) may have their license revoked by the Commissioner of Education.
  • School districts are also required to notify parents of any coed bathroom policies by sending out a notice by mail. Schools must identify all coed bathrooms in the school as well as bathrooms that are not coed. All schools must make bathrooms available that are separated by biological sex (not coed).
  • Additionally, elementary schools must provide access to a digital catalog of all books made available in media centers and classroom libraries.

Watch the Full Board Of Education Meeting:

Florida Department of Education Launches a Parental Rights Page

Florida is taking bold steps to protect parental rights and ensure the lawfulness of instructional materials. CLICK HERE to visit the FLDOE's Parental Rights page.

Have you found an example of questionable materials in your school?

Share your Concerns Directly with the Florida Department of Education