The Summit will have an extensive private security team on-site at all times. Our security team generally recommends the following tips for your safety while in attendance:

  • When venturing out to sightsee, take a friend or go in a group.
  • When parking, remove valuables from your vehicle.
  • Do not engage with any protestors who may pop up outside the event.





Philadelphia is a large, busy, and beautiful city. We hope you enjoy taking in the history around every corner of this iconic location. As in any metropolitan area, it is best to take precautions against pickpocketing and purse snatching. Easy ideas include wearing a cross-body purse and tucking valuables, like your phone, in a front pocket. The historic part of town, where our event takes place, is not known for crime. If you have concerns, you can read a Safety Guide on the city produced by Travellers Worldwide here. For information on Pennsylvania reciprocity click here.