February 6, 2023


Guest Columnist: Logan Lancing



For years, activist educators, school boards, and bureaucratic parasites have told parents that “it” is not in schools. The message has been clear - Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory are academic disciplines studied only in graduate school. But courageous parents and caretakers across the country have witnessed their children’s classrooms transform into political reeducation camps first-hand. The gaslighting is over.

Activist educators work tirelessly to make parents feel like they can’t define or understand the practice of Critical Race Theory (CRT), Queer Theory (QT), Culturally Responsive Teaching (the other CRT), or Transformative Social and Emotional Learning (TSEL). These ideologues attempt to belittle our intelligence, hoping we’ll sit down, shut up, and fund the latest line item on an ever-ballooning Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative.

I developed this website (www.itsnotinschools.com) to help educate and empower you to take back your children’s classrooms. You can use this website to understand what “it” is and how “it” is practiced in schools to radicalize children, destroy academic excellence, and hammer anti-American values into future generations.

The website is divided into several sections. Under the “What “It” Is” header you will find a concise history detailing how marxists took over U.S education. You can also click on the subheaders to learn more about CRT, QT, Culturally Responsive Teaching, and TSEL, specifically.

Under the “How “It” Works” tab you can learn how these radical theories are actually practiced in classrooms, along with real-world examples.

The “Resources” header links to the recommended works of other individuals and organizations that can help you understand what’s happening in schools, connect with others, and fight back. Finally, the “Share Your Story” header is available should you want to share your experiences with other concerned parents.

I hope this website helps empower you to take action. Our children depend on it.


"I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.” – John Adams


It is time to WAKE UP the masses! This is a great way for you to spread the news to America! Watch, Listen AND SHARE! Tiffany has been hosting the most amazing guests on the Joyful Warrior Podcast. It's super easy to share to your social media pages, community pages, and emails. You can share links from Youtube or your favorite podcast provider.

Whole Child Education: A Threat To Your Parental Rights | Guest: Kelly Schenkoske | Joyful Warriors

Whole Child Education: A Threat To Your Parental Rights

Guest: Kelly Schenkoske

What is whole child education? On today's episode, we're interviewing Kelly Schenkoske, independent researcher, education advocate, and host of the A Time to Stand podcast, to help you understand the dangers of whole child education. We start off discussing what WSCC (Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child) is, why it involves the CDC putting health facilities in schools, and how it leads to the CDC stripping away your rights to your children's health care needs.

California vs. Florida, Parental Rights, and the Dangers of Gender Ideology, with Dave Rubin

California vs. Florida, Parental Rights, and the Dangers of Gender Ideology

Guest: Dave Rubin

Join Dave Rubin, author, comedian, and host of the Rubin Report, to discuss his recent move from California to Florida and what major differences he's seen between the two states. Also, we'll discuss how to unify parents over parental rights in schools, and why it's important to teach your kids the dangers of gender ideology.


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