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Click to add your name to the thousands of parents fighting #ForTheirFuture. As a bonus, we'll send you a post-election recap with victories from across the nation!


Take the Challenge


Find your polling place by clicking here.


Example 1:

Election day is Tuesday! There are some really important races I’m invested in because they affect my kid’s education. Are you planning to vote Tuesday?


Example 2:

I’m taking the #ForTheirFuture challenge and encouraging my friends to remember to vote on Tuesday. There are so many important races on the ballot. Are you planning to vote?


Example 3:

It’s election day! I’m headed to vote now. Please remember to make some time to vote as well. Your vote can make a huge difference for our local candidates who often win or lose by a handful of votes. Let me know if you have any questions and happy voting!


Example 4:

Election day happens to be Taco Tuesday! Want to meet up at our favorite Mexican place after voting? We can celebrate the end of all those annoying political ads, eat guac, and catch up.



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