Legislative Education Committee

From the website:
The purpose of this meeting is to consider the Committee's interim topics and other related items. The topics include community college funding, student expulsion and suspension, school district board policies, Boards of Cooperative Educational Services, charter schools, career and technical education, K-3 reading assessment and intervention, the statewide assessment, content and performance standards, the profile of a graduate, and school choice. The Committee will review legislation requested at its May 31-June 1 meeting related to community college funding and legislation requested by Committee members related to K-12 school district board policies.
Please direct questions about this meeting to Legislative Service Office Committee staff Tania Hytrek, Matt Willmarth, or Karen Vaughn at: (307) 777-7881.
Individuals who plan to provide materials to the Committee during the meeting should provide the materials in electronic format to Committee staff and provide sufficient hard copies for members of the Committee, Committee staff and interested members of the audience. Hard copies should be on three hole paper.
All materials provided to the Committee in written form will be part of the official record of the Committee’s meeting and will be on file at the Legislative Service Office.
Persons with disabilities requiring special accommodations to attend this meeting should contact the Legislative Service Office at: (307) 777-7881, or by e-mail at: [email protected], for assistance.
Members of the Joint Education Committee
Senators: Bo Biteman, Affie Ellis, Chris Rothfuss, Tim Salazar, Charles Scott
Representatives: Ocean Andrew, Landon Brown, Cathy Connolly, Steve Harshman, Chip Neiman, Sandy Newsome, Jerry Obermueller, Jerry Paxton, Albert Sommers 

Location: 2301 Central Avenue
Cheyenne , WY

Date: Sept. 6, 2022, 8:30 a.m. - Sept. 7, 2022, 4 p.m.