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Moms for Liberty - Bay County is dedicated to the survival of America by unifying, educating and empowering parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government.

Please invite parents, grandparents, and community members that value parental rights.

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What have we done?


May - Chapter established in Bay County FL!


    We reviewed Bay District Schools sex education curriculum and it meets state guidelines!

    Guest Speaker - School Board candidate Francis Gordon 


    4th of July booth at the Lynn Haven Freedom Festival and parade

    Sponsored the District 2 School Board Candidate Debate, Roberts Hall - Lynn Haven, FL. 


    Guest Speaker - School Board candidate Christopher Moore, also meet Steve Moss, school board 

    member and running for re-election and Ann Leonard.  

    Transparancy - GSA (Gender Sexuality alliance) /Spectrum clubs are allowed by law and are in

    several Bay County schools.  They were listed on the website without a description except for one

    school. They are now listed clearly with a desciption on the websites under clubs.

    Student Mentors - BDS identified mentors are helping to keep the kids in schools and

    improved the graduation rate.  Five members are now active mentors and are helping to

    spread the word to get more mentors from the community. 


    Guest Speaker - Sheriff Tommy Ford speaking about school safety, the Guardian program and

    discipline in schools.


    Guest Speaker - Bailey Minich from Turning Point USA. 

    New High School clubs starting promoting conservative values!

    We reviewed the Mental Health curriculum for Bay District Schools and are concerned that they 

    go beyond teaching resiliance and coping to group therapy of kids without parents present or

    knowing the curriculum. See our review here:

    Active in the School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) and in School Advisory

    Committees (SAC).  We have chapter members leading the SHAC and are active in their schools

    SACs and PTOs.   We support parents and community members joining the SHAC and their

    child's school SACs!  We support the teachers teaching, the parents parenting and the community

    pitching in where needed.  Government programs need to be phased out.  


    Guest Speaker - Stacey Legg - Elevate Bay mentor program.  There are about 1,200 homeless

    and disadvanged children in Bay County.  Elevate Bay pairs them with mentors to help keep them

    in school.

    Local elections - Vote your values!



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Issues 2022

Sex Education.  We are for parental rights in education and against indoctrination.  We actually had a member of our group review the Bay County sex education curriculum and are happy to report that is does not contain gender ideologies or porn, two topics we feel are dangerous to our kids. It does not say abortion is a form of contraception.  It does contain age appropriate biology, anatomy, genetics, and health (to include STD) awareness. Parents are allowed to opt out of sex education for their child so they can address it at home, church or whereever they choose. So our chapter is happy with the current curriculum and parental choice.  
50% literacy rate.  Bay County schools have a low average literacy rate.  Some schools students are reading at their grade level and beyond.  However, many schools have children that are reading 1-2 years below their grade level and are still moving on to the next grade.  Bay District Schools says mentors are the answer.  Mentors help but more needs to be done.
ESE.  When families move to Bay County they are surprised there are not enough Exceptional Student Education (ESE) teachers and opportunities in place.  What is BDS doing to improve this?
Teacher shortage and low pay.  The state of Florida recently raised the starting salary of newly hired teachers, but did not raise the pay across the board.  A new teacher now makes the same salary as a teacher that has been there for 15 years.  What is Bay District Schools doing about this? 
Cell Phones.  We brought up the issue of cell phones in the classroom.  In 2021-2022 there were 3 cases of students missuse of cell phones that made it to the news.  Starting this school year, at least one middle school has made a stricter cell phone use policy to reduce distractions in the classroom and to stop the use of phones in bullying and instigating fights.  
School Safety.  In 2019 and 2020 many changes took place on how Florida schools addressed school shootings and school safety in general.  Have these changes been made in all of the schools? Have the buildings been secured and armed personnel in place? 
CRT in schools.  Critical Race Theory (CRT) has become the vehicle nation-wide to cause chaos, shed doubt on the Constitution of the United States, shed doubt on the institution of the family and the belief in God. CRT expouses that the US was founded on white supremacy so all of institutions are inherantly racist.  If that were true, you would not see successful people of all races doing well in the United States. Gov Desantis and the legislature in Florida do not buy-in to this theory so have set up laws that CRT using the vehicle of social emotional learning (SEL) will not be taught in Florida public schools. We want kids who can do the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic and who love their country.  That is why the Florida DOE went through the math books and removed the books that taught math using SEL. 
Florida Bill rejecting CRT in our schools
Florida Bill requiring civics specifically adding calling out "must include a comparative discussion of political ideologies, such as communism and totalitarianism, that conflict with the principles of freedom and democracy essential to the founding principles of the United States..."
Florida DOE rejects math books that contain CRT in the form of social justice and gender identity for children
Florida Parental rights in Education bill
CASEL is the standard for SEL in the United States.  Teachers use SEL in the schools.   Transformative SEL is what is called out in the Florida Bill regarding  rejection of CRT.
Transformative SEL
Parents can opt out of Transformative SEL in Bay County schools which came through the CARES act funding for mental health support.  


About Us

We are Moms, Dads, Grands, Aunt, Uncles, Friends

Moms for Liberty welcomes all that have a desire to stand up for parental rights at all levels of government.

Our founders are Tiffany and Tina, moms on a mission to stoke the fires of liberty.  As former school board members, they witnessed how short-sighted and destructive policies directly hurt children and families. Now they are using their first-hand knowledge and experience to unite parents who are ready to fight those that stand in the way of liberty. 


Our Mission

Moms for Liberty is dedicated to fighting for the survival of America by unifying, educating and empowering parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government. 


How We Fight

Hold Leaders Accountable

We hold decision makers accountable or we work to replace them with liberty-minded individuals.

Spread Awareness

We spread awareness and an understanding of the limited role of government.

Oppose Government Overreach

We stand together against government overreach and intimidation tactics.

Promote Liberty

We promote teaching the principles of liberty in our homes and community.

Engage on Key Issues

We engage our communities and elected leaders on key issues impacting our families.

Activate to Public Service

We activate liberty-minded leaders to serve in elected positions.


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